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Do you miss the time of the beginning of your relationship, when everything was so sparkeling and full of energy? Do you struggle in your relationship with questions like "How often should we have sex?", "Should / can we live in an open relationship?", "Is my partner still in to me?"...

Is your relationship in crisis or do you just want to make it stronger?

To "Upgrade Your Life" in your relationship is possible! Try out Gay Couples Therapy with Jan Kossack and make an appointment.

Gay Individual Therapy

Do you feel anxious? Are you depressed? Do you worry, that someone could find out?

Do you feel worthless or inferior, because of your sexual orientation?

The fears of workplace discrimination, being bullied, hate crimes or not being accepted by the family are common issues Gays have to deal with in their life. If you need help or you just don't have anyone to talk about these things, contact Jan Kossack for individual counseling.

Parenting Questions

Millions of children in world have lesbian, gay or bisexual parents. Sometimes people are concerned that children being raised by a gay parent will need extra emotional support or face unique social stressors. Current research shows that children with gay and lesbian parents do not differ from children with heterosexual parents in their emotional development or in their relationships with peers and adults. It is important for parents to understand that it is the the quality of the parent/child relationship and not the parent’s sexual orientation that has an effect on a child’s development.

Like all children, most children with gay parents will have both good and bad times. They are not more likely than children of heterosexual parents to develop emotional or behavioral problems. If gay parents have questions or concerns about their child, i.e.

  • how to prepare your child to handle questions and comments about their background or family, or
  • how to help your child come up with and practice appropriate responses to teasing or mean remarks or
  • any other parenting questions, you may want to ask for a consultation at

The Gay Counseling Institute