Schema Family Therapy

a multi-generational approach

Empowering the Bridges of Connection in families...

In our family therapy approach we join together the powerful interventions of Schema Therapy and systemic, multigenerational Family Therapy. We integrate the ideas of Jeffrey Young, Carl Whitaker and Mauricio Andolfi, etc. into our work. 

Multigenerational aspects are explored and multiple generations are often invited to the sessions, as some difficulties in families exist already for several generations. We us empathic confrontation, limited reparenting, family sculptures, Genograms, i-modes and many other techniques to help the family to rebuild and empower the bridges of connection between the family members. 

As the need for connection and attachement is the basis for developing healthy and competent ways to manage our life, we believe that for many difficulties in life, the building of bridges in the family will help getting core emotional needs met, and with these being met good enough, dysfunctional compensating strategies are not longer needed for the family members.


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Schema Family Therapy - article in the Schema Therapy Bulletin August 2019