Individual Therapy

 "Always remember

that your history

is not your identity.


We have a chance to

re-create ourselves and

start anew every day."


Tina Turner, 2020

Happiness Becomes You


You are feeling anxious or you are depressed?


Is it difficult to deal with your anger feelings?


Do you engage in self-soothing addictive behaviors or 

did you develop sexual behavior problems?



your journey to upgrade your life starts right now!

As in the quote from Tina Turner, we are all clearly influenced by our past experiences and at the same time we must not let these experiences determine our identity, our future. 


In the course of individual therapy, we will explore together what core emotional needs may not have been sufficiently met in your past and how you have learned to cope with them. 


Some of these coping mechanisms may have been healthy and helpful strategies, but some of our reactions may only help us in the short term, but increase our suffering in the long term. 







Every side of you is invited and welcome

We work together to strengthen your healthy adult side, to be more empathic with your inner vulnerable child and to be able to better regulate different, possibly unhelpful personality parts (modes) and to interrupt the unhelpful default dynamic. 


Counseling is available in German, English, French and Luxemburgish - soon also in Spanish!


Counseling offered by Jan Kossack is strongly influenced by Schema Therapy.


Jan Kossack is one of only a few Schema Therapists certified by the ISST (advanced level) (click here for the list) in Luxemburg and has also a DAS in forensic psychotherapy (University of Zurich).


 Jan Kossack is a Psychological Psychotherapist in Luxemburg and also is member in different, mental health organizations like e.g.

  • the psychological society of Luxemburg (SLP),
  • the International society of Schema Therapy (ISST).