Manager Coaching Training

A charismatic manager supports the success of the professional objectives of his employees!
The training develops their potential, promotes their autonomy an stimulates them in their daily actions.


Acquire the fundamentals of coaching by combining the human dimension, professional posture, methodologies and operational skills to reinforce the effectiveness and further develop your management style.


  • a new management style to develop and increase your team's and individuals performances
  • use of tools to detect and discern certain personality types
  • be a genuine, authentic team leader
  • create a trusting work atmosphere
  • facilitate trustful collaboration in your team and set a standard for higher efficiency and better performance


  • principles of coaching and skills to be a manager-coach
  • active listening and reformulating echo
  • focus on relationship intelligence
  • identify the non-verbal language of your interlocutor and adapt to it
  • the art and methodology of questioning
  • identify blockages and mobilisation factors to use as a lever for effectiveness and promote performance
  • motivate feedback and signs of recognition
  • building trusting relationships and use of the language of emotion to motivate
  • formulate realistic objectives and implement a personal action plan


  • target audience: business leaders, operational and profit center managers, organisational directors, human resources and training managers, project managers and other team leaders
  • 2 coaches
  • 2 days
  • location: your company
  • participants: min 8 / max 20
  • price: 4.900€, VAT not included