Coaching by Nikolaus Walter

"People are naturally creative, resourceful and whole."








This is one of the four cornerstones of Co-Active Coaching and we hold this strong belief.

You know the answers and with the help of the coach,

it will be you who comes up with the solution and

you will find your way yourself.


What does Coaching mean?


Coaching means extending traditional training and development methods

to include focus on an individuals needs and accomplishments,

close observation and impartial and non-judgmental feedback on performance*



Well, that sums it up, pretty much.

Let me just emphasize one thing and add another:


The focus is on you! 

Plus, the Coaching is co-active*,

which means, there is permanent communication and working together between the coach and his client.

(*Coaching after the standards and methods of CTI)


"Who does not know, where he wants to sail,

for him no wind is right."

When does seeing a coach make sense?

Coaching situations occur in everyone's daily work and private life and it can improve your life profoundly, by:

  • Overcoming your fears and handle stress better
  • Defining goals and developing action plans
  • Helping get direction in life and take action and move forward
  • Improving balance between work and personal life
  • Helping to reduce the burn out risk & risk of depression
  • Identifying obstacles and fears, along with guidance to overcome them
  • Helping manage your time efficiently
  • Improving work and private relationships & life overall
  • Helping with identifying weaknesses and core strengths to maximize potential
  • Improving life by finding your passion, reducing stress and increasing productivity
  • Helping to get a grip on life.

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