Schema Therapeutic Self-Care / Self-Awareness for Therapists

Self-Care / Self-Awareness for Therapists

in Barcelona

new dates will be announced soon...

(english spoken)

Therapists work in relationships with other people every day. 

We always try to be a good model for the 'healthy adult mode'. 

And we are only human and have our own schemas and modes too.  


Our personality is the daily tool of our therapeutic work.


Self-awareness / self-care helps to take good care of this tool and to be able to use it better in therapeutic work.


Get to know your own modes and schemas better during these self-awareness / self-care days. With the help of imagery exercises and chair work, participants will be able to get to know these techniques even better with their own issues. 


The International Society of Schema Therapy also supports self-awareness as an important aspect of training to become a schema therapist. If you are currently in a training programme for certification as a schema therapist by the ISST, part of the supervision hours required for certification can be credited through self-awareness (3 hours out of 20, or 6 hours out of 40).


The self-awareness / self-care days will take place in Barcelona. 



Carrer Provenza 224B

Entresol 4

ES-08036 Barcelona

(Parts of the workshop may also take place on the beach)


Since a self-awareness workshop is about each participant's own modes & schemas and the biography associated with them, all participants agree to respect confidentiality by registering, that no information about other participants may be disclosed to the outside world.

fees & dates

Participation in this self-awareness / self-care workshop costs 300,- EUR per participant.


Travel and accommodation must be organised by the participants themselves. 

Lunch on the second day of the workshop is included in the costs.



14:00 to 19:00 

09:30 to 16:30