Marathon Couples Counseling Europe

Jan Kossack is offering Marathon Couples Counseling in EUROPE (e.g. Barcelona, london, Paris, Monaco, Ibiza & Luxemburg. This form of couples counseling shows to be very effective for the couples participating - even more effective than regular couples counseling in weekly or bi-weekly sessions, because it's much more intense and couples often can improve faster.


The Marathon Couples Counseling is strongly oriented by the Gottman Method for Couples Therapy (GMCT) and Schema Therapy (ST). 


The Marathon Couples Counseling helps the couples to get to know very quick, in which area of the relationship they want to make ameliorations. Couples often experience a great improvement in their communication and in the understanding of each other. Couples learn to manage conflicts better, strengthen their friendship between each other and feel more respected and seen. 


The Marathon Couples Counseling usually starts with a two day - session followed by several two day or one-day sessions in monthly or later 6 weeks distance. 

Each day of the Marathon Couples Counseling consists of a 3 hour session in the morning and then after a break again a 3 hour session in the afternoon. 


Before the couples attend to the first 2-day-counseling, they fill out the Gottman-Relationship-Check-Up online, so that we can start directly with establishing your concrete goals in the first morning session.


The specific content of the sessions is specifically attuned to the couples needs and goals considering their different levels in the Sound Relationship House (see below). 

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