Forensic Group Supervision (online)

This Group Supervision by Jan Kossack offers the possibility to reflect together on some of the most challenging patients. 

In working with murderers, sexual offenders, violent offenders, etc. it is crucial to have a very good understanding of the case conceptualization and each patients offense dynamic, their



The Supervision will help to explore which Schema-Mode Techniques can be useful for the individual patient and techniques can be tried out in the supervision group. 

For more information or for registering to the Group Supervision please email to:

  • online (zoom)
  • 4 sessions, 90min each session
  • Mondays at 1pm CET (6:30pm India, 7am NYC, 11pm Sydney)
  • February 5th,  March 4th,  April 8th  &  May 6th in 2024
  • max: 6 participants
  • cost: 185,- EUR