Forensic Psychotherapy & Risk Assessment

Forensic Psychotherapy


Have you experienced yourself doing something violent to other people? Have you been convicted of a crime? Do you feel a tendency for very aggressive, manipulative or abusive behaviour towards others in yourself?

Jan Kossack has a lot of experience in treating offending behaviour problems. He also has a diploma of advanced studies in Forensic Science from the University of Zurich (CH) in cooperation with the IOT (

Jan Kossack offers also individual therapy for delinquents in the prisons of Luxemburg (Centre pénitentiaire de Luxembourg and Centre pénitentiaire de Givenich).


The therapy approach of the offender treatment is focused on the crime and the personality of the delinquent. The client learns to understand his personal crime-scenario-cycle and to escape this cycle in the future. By ameliorating the clients maladaptive and strengthening his healthy sides the treatment aims to lower the risk of recidivism.

Forensic Risk Assessment

Downloads & online instruments

Basler Liste
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Violence Risk Appraisal Guide V-RAG
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Kriterienliste der deutschen Bewährungshilfe
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Here you find an interview with Jan Kossack in a luxemburgish newspaper about the offender treatment in Luxemburg from 15th May 2014:  Diplompsychologe Jan Kossack berichtet über seine Therapiearbeit im Gefängnis