The Schema Therapy Academy

by Anousha Hadinia & Jan Kossack 

presents the:

Training & Certification Program in Schema Therapy for India & South Asia

Program Overview

We are very pleased to introduce the first Training & Certification Program in Schema Therapy for India & South-Asia 2017/18 sponsored by THE SCHEMA THERAPY ACADEMY by A. Hadinia & J. Kossack. The program is strongly orientated at the International Training and Certification Program by Jeffrey Young & Wendy Behary. The program participants, that decide to complete all aspects of the training, will be lead to either Standard or Advanced Certification through the International Society for Schema Therapy (ISST;

We provide this training in Schema Therapy to mental health practitioners in India. Anousha Hadinia and Jan Kossack are certified by the ISST to offer training programs, that correspond to the international guidelines. Other well-experienced Trainers and Supervisors in Schema Therapy are planned to offer additional workshops in India.

Anousha Hadinia and Jan Kossack did their own certification program with Wendy Behary and Jeffrey Young in New York City & New Jersey.

The Training & Certification Programs offered by THE SCHEMA THERAPY ACADEMY by A. Hadinia & J. Kossack are approved and certified by the ISST.




Anousha Hadinia is a licenced Therapist in Switzerland and a certified Schematherapist according to ISST. She works with families, couples, individuals and groups. In her private practice in Switzerland she offers therapy and supervision in Schematherapy. Furthermore she is qualified in systemic therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy. Anousha Hadinia has developed a manual for group therapy for her doctoral thesis at the University of Basel.    

 Jan Kossack works since 1998 as a therapist/psychologist with adolescents, families, couples and individuals. You can find more information about the trainings and career of Jan Kossack on his website ( Jan Kossack works in Luxemburg and in Spain. He has his own private practice in both countries and offers trainings and supervision also in both countries as well as in Paris/France and Lausanne/Switzerland. Jan Kossack is a certified Schema Therapist since 2014. He has also a DAS as Forensic Psychotherapist form the University of Zurich and is registered as psychological Psychotherapist in Luxemburg (2016.06.031/PSYCHO).    






approved by the ISST for Certification in individual Schema Therapy

Schema Therapy Certification Training India & South Asia
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Application Form Training India and South Asia
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