Schema Therapy

Jan Kossack is a certified Schema Therapist, Trainer & Supervisor (ISST) and uses this approach a lot in his therapeutic work.



Starting in 2015 Jan Kossack will also offer Schema Therapy Seminars, Trainings and Supervision in Luxemburg and Barcelona! For more information or requests for Supervision or Workshops please contact


Schema Therapy (ST) is an integrative therapy approach that combines elements of cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic and humanistic/experiential forms of psychotherapy. It targets early developed believes about ourselves and our relationships, which are called "early maladaptive schemas". These Schemas affect our emotional processing, influence our interpersonal style and guide our behavior (Bernstein, 2014). Schema Therapy tries to ameliorate / to "heal" the maladaptive schemas. Unuseful coping modes (schema modes) are evaluated in ST and get replaced by healthy coping responses, to have better relationships in your private and professional life. ST has shown effectiveness in different clinical trials.


“Schema Therapy was developed from traditional cognitive therapy by Dr. Jeffrey Young and colleagues over the last 20 years. It can be either long-term or short-term. The emphasis is on combating patterns of thoughts, which can impact negatively on you for your entire life. Techniques have been developed for weakening these thinking patterns and solving the related problems.” (J. Young & D. Bricker, 2012)


This treatment approach was developed for clients with more difficult long-term problems. People can learn to change these long-term patterns, especially their interaction with other people (colleagues, partners, children,…).


For more information about Schema Therapy David C. Bricker and Jeffrey E. Young wrote “A Client’s Guide to Schema Therapy” (2012).

Introduction to Schema Therapy by Jason Halliwell:

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Wendy Behary writes about narcississtic clients. Wendy Behary is the president of the International society of Schema Therapy and is a very experienced therapist, trainer and supervisor in Schema Therapy.




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