Schema Therapy in educational & forensic settings

Since a few years Jan Kossack offers trainings for staff members in educational and forensic settings, how to use the schema therapy approach with adolescent, anti-social or criminal clients. 

Prof. Dr. D. Bernstein developed this work with teams a few years ago and Jan Kossack learned a lot from his approach. 

Schema Therapy can be used in homes for Youth or even correctional institutions very effectively - not only by psychologists but also by the other professions in multi-disciplinary teams.


Jan Kossack already trained teams in several educational institutions in Luxemburg (e.g. arcus) or also part of the prison staff members in Luxemburg. He trained also the whole staff of a private addiction-clinic in Geneva/Switzerland.


See here some feedback of participants in Luxemburg:

downloads & links

Präsentation für Internats J Brocquart vom 08.09.2017
Internats Jacques Brocquart 2017.pdf
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arcus Präsentation Teil 1
arcus Seminar 1.pdf
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Young Schema Questionnaire deutsche Version
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Young Schema Questionnaire version Francais
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Young Schema Questionnaire english version
YSQ long form 3.pdf
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